Avoiding the dentist may save you money in the short term but toothache is painful and emergency care is often expensive. Spreading the cost of your essential dental and hygiene care and visiting regularly helps keep your smile healthy.

Research shows that plan members are more likely to attend regularly and have improved dental health because any issues are spotted before they become painful or costly to treat.

All patients who join the plan benefit from a Worldwide Accident & Emergency Insurance policy *.

Plan 1 – Low Risk | £10.30 per month

Basic care for those with excellent oral health

  • 1 x dental examination and x-ray
  • 2 x hygiene appointments

Plan 2 – Main | £13.50 per month

Maintain your teeth for life

  • 2 x dental examinations and x-rays
  • 2 x hygiene appointments

Plan 3 – Perio | £20.60 per month

Tailored care to improve your gum health

  • 2 x dental examinations and x-rays
  • 4 x hygiene appointments

* The insurance includes cover for emergency treatment worldwide and in the UK, treatment arising from an accident, hospital in-patient cash benefit and £3,000 lump sum for oral cancer.


Spread the cost of your dental care with a monthly plan

Worldwide Accident & Emergency insurance

10% off private treatments (excl. implants, invisalign & teeth whitening)